Monday, March 21, 2011


Well I have been tracing my dad's side of the family since 1982.
It is a long time process to gather all the facts.
Tracing your family is ALWAYS an ongoing process.
Of course there is always updating to do !

When I first started nobody would want to talk about the
past and where they came from. I sent many many letters.
It seemed my grandma Lydia Lautt was the only one
I could get any information from and she was
the one everyone would talk to.

Since the computer came to life I have been able to really
gather information on my family.

I will be posting family tidbits every now and again.

Today I will post what I have found on my
4th Great Grandfather.
This is as far back as I could trace on my
dad's side of the family.

Baltasar LAUTT he was born in 1807 in Geocklingen, Elsass. 
He passed away January 23 1841 in Glueckstal Parish.

I found his wife Katherine BOSCHE and their children in the
"The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years
1763-1862" By Karl Stumpp.
They are listed as family number 222 on page 697.

" Kassel, gerg. 1808 (Colony of Kassel)

TIPPEL, Anton gest.(died) 1851 mit (age) 43,
seine (his) Sohne (son) Heinrich 12, Jakob 10, Adam 5,
seine (his) Steifsohne (stepson) 1. Friedrich LAUX 29,
dessen Frau (his wife) Barbara 41, dessen Sohne
(their son) Johann 1; 2.  Johann LAUX 27, dessen
Frau Christine 26, dessen Sohne Johann, 2;
3. Daniel LAUX 23, dessen Frau Christine 24,
dessen Sohne Georg,3, Gottleib, 1/2; 4. Gottlieb
LAUX 21, seine Steiftochter
(stepdaughter) Barbara LAUX 19.

Baltasar LAUTT had passed away and his wife
Katherine had remarreid to Anton TIPPEL.

Yep this MY family when they were still
over in Kassel, Russia. 
My line is the Daniel LAUX line. I hi-lited in red.

As you can see the Surname changed
when they emigrated to the United States

It was LAUX, now it LAUTT.

NEAT HUH ! ? !

Friday, March 11, 2011


Lets Eat ! ! ! !

My sister came in from CA for a visit ! !

Good thing the weather turned out
to be pretty nice for her visit.

She wanted to go eat at Lambert's Cafe ! !
Home of the Throwed Rolls ! !
Little did she realize that it was about  a
2-1/2 drive, and most of it was country
and cows ! ! !

When we got to Lambert's Cafe
she had ordered a Ceaser Salad ! ! !

 I sure hope she is HUNGRY ! ! !

Here she is comparing her hand size
to her bread bowl salad !

Dig in ! ! ! !

She also wanted to try a few veggies on the side  !
Greens, beets, cucumbers and onions and coleslaw.

I sure hope she has a big appetite ! !

I must have not been very hungry !
I had the Charboiled chicken, baked potato,
and corn ! ! !

We also had a couple of the :Throwed Rolls"
with Molasses, fried potatoes, black eyed peas,
okra, and Mac and Cheese with tomatoes. 

YUM ! ! YUM ! ! YUM ! !

Then after all this we did drum up
enough energy to take tour of the
Fantastic Caverns ! !  One of the many
caves here in Missouri ! !