Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Quilt Part 3 HST's

Half Square Triangles is my next
step in the making
of PK's wedding quilt.

Well  .  .  .  I could have made the HST's
the way I learned, by cutting the
fabric the size I needed then
placing the fabric right sides together and
drawing the line, sewing on each side of the line.
But that would have taken way too long.

I need to make 80 HST's.

I do have the Triangulations Program
to make HST's of any size but I 
didn't have enough ink or paper.

Soooo   .   .   .   .   .
My mom told me about another
way to make the HST's.
I can't remember where she had
seen this technique . . . .
But thought I would give it a try.

So here we go  .   .   .   .

I need to have the HST's to be 4-1/2" (4" when finished).

After a little help with the template making.
It was decided that I needed a 7" square to
make the HST's to end up the correct size.

I cut three strips WOF at 7" and then enough
for two more 7" squares.

Then I placed fabric right sides together
and cut them to be 7" square.
I need to make 20 squares to make
the 80 HST's for this quilt.

After the squares were cut, the sewing began.
Chain stitching Isewed a 1/4" seam
around the outside of each square.

OH MY ! ! ! !
30 minutes to sew all 20 blocks.

Then it was time to cut.
I placed my ruler diagonal on the block
lining the ruler corner to corner and cut.
Did the same process for
cutting another diagonal line the
other direction.

When I finished with the cutting and pressing,
I had 80 HST's.

Now all the I need to to is
cut the dog ears off.

From the time I started sewing
till the time I ended pressing,
It only took me 40 minutes.

80 -- 4 1/2"  (4" when finished) Half Square Triangles

I think that is pretty darn good
80 HST's done in 40 minutes.

Till next time ! ! ! !

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow . .

Snow, snow, snow,  and more snow. 
This morning I measured 7.5"
in snow in my backyard.
It still snowed thru out the day and
we ended up with 8.3" of snow.

I hear that we are going to get more
snow on Sunday. Not as much as
we did today, maybe
about 5" or so.

I am ready for the sun and warmer weather.

Here is a mug rug that I had made.

It will come in handy the next few days with
ALL the Java I will be drinking to
keep warm and toasty.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work In Progress (2)

I had left over Pink Fabric
SOOOOO . . . . . . .
I decided to use the Pink Fabric
on the back of the Quilt.

I cut the squares to get them
ready for when the time comes.
And will square them up at that time.

I got 3 squares out of each of the Pink Fabrics.

When I buy the last of the Pink Fabric I
will need to cut 5 more Pink squares.

I also bought Black Fabric and cut
20  --  8 1/2" squares.
These will be the background for the Hearts.

I know PK said one of her fav colours was Silver
but I decided to go with black instead,
PK will just have to imagine that the black is silver.

Till next week.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zipper Bags

 Zipper bags.
With  a little help from my mom ! ! ! !

YEAH ! ! 
Zipper bag with no help from my mom  ! !

Still love our sew days ! ! ! !

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Step By


My next few posting will be on my

My friends daughter - PK -
will be getting married on
November 5, 2011.

I am going to surprise her with a quilt.

My next few postings will be her

I am gradually buying the fabric and
working on pieces of the the quilt weekly.

My first buy was the pink fabric
for the hearts I will be making.

I asked PK what kind of patterns she liked
Me: "Do you like --- Strips, Polka Dots, Swirlly patterns,
plaid-ish patterns. ? Just wanting to know .'
PK: "Yes that's awesome lol".
So I take it she likes any pattern.
Also I asked what her fav colours are?
Pink and Silver.

Below is the Pink Fabric I had picked out for her.

I traced out a Heart pattern template from freezer paper.

I folded the Pink fabric - right sides together
and traced the half of the Heart.
The pencil line will be the sewing line,
so I cut the Hearts out a little bigger
than where I drew the line.

After ALL the Hearts were cut out,
I ironed on a piece of stabilizer on
half of the Hearts I had cut out.

I cut a slit down the middle of each Heart. 

Then I sewed two pieces of same fabric colour together.

After the hearts were sewn ,
I turned them out and pressed the seams.

I then took a piece of Wonder Under
and placed where I had made the slit
and pressed the fabric.
I placed a piece of parchment paper
on top of fabric so  I wouldn't get any
of the glue on the iron.

ALL 20 hearts are finished 
and am ready for the next step.

Til next week.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


By using up both my moms scraps and my scraps
we made 2 Place mats and a Table topper.

We did it assembly line style. 
Mom separated the strips longest to shortest.
I sewed them to the backing and batting (flip-n-sew style)
Mom squared them up I sewed the edging seam.
Mom used her fancy cutter and cut fancy edges on the mats.

WahaaaLaaaa ! ! !  We are done.
AND we used up the strip scraps.

These were given to one of my co-workers.
He really LOVE the place mats.

We just have one more piece to square up
and might make cup rugs with that piece.

We do enjoy our sew days ! ! ! !