Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You will need to take a look ! ! !

While going thru and reading up on the blogs I follow,
I came across a cute little story.
Here is the link  bluebirdswing .
Hope you enjoy it.  I sure did.  I loved it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Chance at an AccuQuilt GO!

Another chance to win an Accuquilt Go! from the Canadian online store Stitch In The Ditch .
Be sure to tell them Deb's Place told you about it....that way I get an extra chance to win! 
The Canadian online store, Stitch In The Ditch
 (click on the Link to GO!)
Check out their store and their Give-A-Away
I am sure you would LOVE another chance to win this GREAT prize.
But . . . . .  I doooo feel lucky today. 
I hope I am the lucky winner.

Good luck to ALL who enter.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


No sewing today.  It was a long day at work.
Thought I would post a few pics of my little doggy Precious. 
She will be 7 years old in August.
Here she is all covered up in my sons quilt. 
As you can see she LOVES to bury herself in our quilts. 

Soooo . . . . . .  I thought she needed a quilt of her own.
I took ALL the little bandanna scarfs that she had gotten from the vets after her "Spa Day" and made her own quilt.
I also added 2 Fat Quarter's that I had for the sashing,  jeans for the border, and for the back I used old t-shirt backs.

When she is not on my couch or on her quilt, she is snoozing on her own little couch.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Pam, owner of Miss Millie's Quilt Shop, was having a Buck-A-Block monthly pattern.  My mom and I had bought the patterns each month.  We have blocks January thru August. I am just now getting to sew them, 3 years later.   Unfortunately, Pam had not been feeling too good and past away that year.  I always enjoyed going to Miss Millie's Quilt Shop for her Thimbleberry's Club Meeting.

Now don't be looking too close at these blocks, as they have lots of character.

August's Block: Cups and Saucers

July's Block:  Amish Star

June's Block: Summer Winds

Hopefully I can finish these blocks soon.  I have January thru May to do yet.  With the HOT weather, I will be spending more time at the sewing machine. and less time outside.  But will do a little porch sitting in the morning with a BIG cup of coffee enjoying the peace and quiet in the neighborhood and soaking in a little SUN before it gets too hot out.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still Lucky ! ! !

Went to the local quilt show with my mom.  Had a great time. 
Mom bought some raffle tickets for the silent auction.  There was lots of baskets to chose from.  There was a Bernina, Quilter's Organizer Basket, BBQ basket, a couple of baby baskets, and BIG chair, and a few others, I don't recall them all.  We decided to stroll thru the vendors and look at the quilts before deciding which can to drop our tickets in.  Mom bought 24 tickets, 12 a piece.

There were many vendors and lots of cute things to browse and look at. 
Of course we had to buy a few things.  Bought two patterns.

One was "Less Than Traditional" basic Technique Pattern.  Looks pretty fun to try. 

The second pattern was a little dress block pattern. 
There was a little wall hanging of this and was very, very cute, just couldn't pass this up. 

We also bought a fabric postcard, made by  S. Loftin.  Very , Very cute.

After strolling around and visiting the vendors, it was off to see the quilt displays. 
There were many, many BEAUTIFUL quilts and wall hangings. 
Was very hard to pick out the "Best of Show".  Wonder who won?
On the way out the door, we took a look at ALL the great baskets again trying to chose which can to drop our lucky tickets. 
I was torn between the Baby Basket and the Quilter's Organizer Basket.
Since I usually never win at these things, I knew I wasn't gonna win the Baby Basket,  sooooo . . . .
I dropped ALL twelve in the Quilter's Organizer Basket can, right after my mom dropped ALL of hers in the same can. 
We figured one of has got to win with 24 tickets in the can.  The can was about 1/4 full when we drop our tickets in, and there was still 1 1/2 more days left to fill the can.

About 8:30 pm Sunday night, I got the call.  OMGoodness I WON.  I couldn't believe it, I WON ! ! !  I WON ! ! !  I WON ! ! ! I was sooooo excited. I picked up MY basket that night.  Of course, I had to call my mom and let her know that
 I WON ! ! ! ! and she came with me to pick up MY basket.

Below are pics of what was in the basket.  Oh My, still can't believe it. 

This was the description of the basket. 
My winning ticket is right after the WOW!


Sides and top view of the basket.

The goodies inside the basket.
7 FQ's

Quilters FabriCalc (something new to learn!)
Best Press

Quilters Bible, Quilters Reference Book, Clever Quarters, Too
Pins (flat head, directional, glasshead),  decorative scissors,
thread, Teflon pressing sheet, batting.

3 rulers and a mat

AND . . . .  Lets not for get the CHOCOLATE ! !

How Lucky can I be ? ? ? ?
What a GREAT Basket.   Hopefully my luck doesn't run out.

Appreciate you stopping by and visiting my blog.   Have FUN blogging, I sure am ! ! !  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Amanda's Baby Shower

I finally got the label sewed on Amanda's Baby Quilt. 
But wait what is wrong with this label?
Then after sewing it on I noticed I had typed either the wrong season OR the wrong year.
I did finish the quilt at the end of the winter, but I probably should have put Winter 2009.
I didn't like it after the label was sewed on. SOOOOOOO I got the ole seam ripper out
and started "RIPPING".
Of course, I had to make a whole new label, ( I didn't save the old label on the computer).

Here's a pic of the cake.  As you can see the cake is not very big. 
The shower was at our work and there are not very many employees so
a big cake was not needed.  
But we had to hurry at eat the cake before it would melt. 

 It was an ice-cream cake.

Here are her many gifts.


Her is Amanda opening her gift from me.

Of course, had to take a pic of DM with her tail hanging.
When she put her jacket on the tail from her shirt hung out
the back and gave her a little tail. 

Amanda had many cute little gifts. 

We all had a good time.


I had entered  a Give-A-Away at Alderwood Quilts . This was the first one I had entered and can't believe I WON ! ! ! !

I got an e-mail from Sue saying YOU ARE A WINNER ! ! !  I had to read it twice just to make sure I read it right.

I was pretty excited about winning, I usually don't win at drawings.
So when I found out I won this one, boy was I pretty excited.

When I got home from work on Monday, there was a package sitting next to my mail box.  I knew it was my gift from Sue.
And yes it was. It's my new Mary E pincushion.  It is so cute and I couldn't wait to put next to my other pincushions.

Here the Mary E pincushion sits on the table

Here it sits with the other pincushions,
with Peppermint Patty (one of the many dolls my mom has made),
and also
a flower post card (made by S Loftin)

Here is another view of  the table.
I couldn't tell which picture you could get a better look
at the pincushions so I posted them both.

I really LOVE the Mary E pincushion ! ! ! !  Am glad she found some friends to hang out with it and to keep her company thru out the day.

I really enjoyed the give-a-away.  Now, I hope you stop on by Alderwood Quilts for her June give-a-away.

I want to thank all you for stopping by and visiting.  Have fun blogging, I sure am.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bejeweled Quilts

I stopped by GERRYART and read about an AccuQuilt GO Cutter give away.

If you are interested in an AccuQuilt GO! just stop by

Bejeweled Quilts by Barb

This is a GREAT Give-A-Away.

Part of gaining extra chances of winning  . . .  Don't forget to mention that you read about it at Deb's Place.

What a Small World ! !

I was working on my son's Boy Scout T-Shirt quilt over this past winter. I went to JoAnn Fabrics to look for some backing.  JoAnn's was all out of the Boy Scout fabric, because a lady came in the day before and bought up ALL the Scouting fabric in the store, plus cleaned out the JoAnn Fabric's stores close by (because of the 100 year Anniversary of Scouting)  In February, I started looking for fabric on line and found some GREAT Boy Scout fabric at --- ALDERWOOD QUILTS ---- I ordered some Vintage Robert Kaufman Boy Scout fabric.  (This was the first time I had ordered anything on line.) When I got home from work there was a message from Sue on my voicemail.  She had a question about my order. Apparently I marked the wrong shipping info.  Sue was very helpful, nice and explained nicely what I did wrong.  I was very, very pleased with her service.  It seemed like no sooner than I hung up the phone there was a package in my mailbox.  This is the first time I bought fabric without actually seeing it.  When I opened the package and seen the fabric, I was very pleased, plus Sue also threw in a free fat quarter, loved that, too. 

This is the beautiful Vintage Robert Kaufman Fabric that I bought at ALDERWOOD QUILTS

Below is my son's Boy Scout T-Shirt quilt.

Here is a little bit closer view of the front.
I tied the method to quilt.  I figured this was the best way to quilt it without sewing over the logos on the t-shirts.

 This is the back view.       

A few weeks or so later, my mom was telling me about a blog that she had come across and how she had entered a Give-A-Away, and that I should start blogging.  I asked what blog she had come across.  You would never guess . . . .  It was  ALDERWOOD QUILT's blog AND she was the winner of April's Give-A-Away.  Who would have thought that we both had come across Sue's store website AND  her blog.

Mom helped me to start my own blog and entered I few Give-A-Aways.  The first blog  and Give-A-Away I had signed up for was  ALDERWOOD QUILT's .  I never thought anything else about it, because I never ever win at these things.  Boy was I very, very surprised win I got the e-mail from Sue.  YOU ARE A WINNER ! ! ! - - - YAHOO ! ! I WON ! ! ! I WON ! ! ! First thing was to call my mom to let her know . . .  I WON ! ! !  Can't wait to check the mailbox for my beautiful surprise! ! ! 

What a Small World ! ! ! First buying the great fabric, then mom winning April's Give-A-Away, and me winning May's Give-A-Away. It seems like we never win at anything!  And yet we are the winners of ALDERWOOD QUILT'S April and May's Give-A-Aways ! ! ! ! !

I don't think Sue was playing favorites when she drew my name.  But am very very excited and thrilled that I am the April winner.

Sue thanx for the post you wrote on your blog about my blog.  It was beautiful. 

I would like to thank you ALL for visiting my blog, leaving comments, and/or signing up to follow.

Again, thanx for stopping by.