Saturday, August 27, 2011

Patriotic Star

Is now quilted and bound ! ! ! !

Pic is courtesy of Anna Marie from Quilt Guild!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Now that . . .

Now that I am done with my major project ! ! PK's wedding quilt amd pillow topper,
I will be working on the little projects I have sitting around just waiting to be finished up.

A while ago on one of my many sew dates with my mom we had made a doll.

She is now finished.

I still have not named her yet.

I took her to work and sewed on
her little beret and a pink necklace.

After taking the pic I think I need to
darken up her eyes, nose, and mouth.
Will do that in abit.
A co-worker mention that she looked like a Voo-Doo doll.
I think she kinda looks like a Geisha Girl.

What do you think?
What type of a girl do you think she looks like?
What would you name her?

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A gift from . . . .

A few months ago a local clinic had closed down.

One of the patients had brought in something for everyone.

The pharmacist RV was given this big BEAUTIFUL pic.

Lots of detail and handmade. The fabric is hand dyed silk.

The others in the clinic got to pick out which flower that they wanted.

This is what I had picked.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I have been . . .

Busy the last few months.
I thought I had until at October to work on PK's quilt.
BUT .  .  .  .  .  .
PK's Wedding Shower was July 17th.

W.H.A.T  ! ? !

This doesn't give me much time  ! ! ! !
I believe this is waaay tooo early for
a Wedding Shower.
But if she was wanting her friends that
will be in school to come to her shower
well then . . . . . .
Who am I to say  . .
Why in July ! ? !

I just finished her quilt on July 15th.

When making this quilt, I decided to
make it king size.  In order to make sure
I had the right fit, I called PK's mom
and asked what size bed PK was sleeping in
and also what size bed did she, SK (the mom) have.

SK was thinking that that was a too much of a
personal question and why would I want to know that.
LOL ! ! !
SK said it was a king size, the same answer to both questions.
I had asked if I could use her bed.

Yes, this was a bit awkward to ask,
But what are friends for.

This was too funny.  SK, PK's mom, was
wondering why would I want to use her bed.

So I let SK know that I needed to use her bed to audition, 
and to size up PK's quilt.

Front/Top view

The top just fit the bed and it was
time to add another strip and then the borders.

Side view

Back View


Corner of bed view

Corner of bed view 

This worked out PERFECTLY ! ! ! !

Then another visit to SK's bed.

Not so awkward this time about using SK's bed.

OMG ! ! the quilt was looking good ! ! !

Perfect fit ! ! ! !

But it was missing something.  
I decided to make a Pillow Topper as well.

Now to add the binding.
(You can see the binding in the
pic above. . .the corner of bed pic with the heart)

I used a technique that mom had found 
on one of her blogs she follows.

I did not have time to hand sew the binding
and this sounded perfect.

This is an easy binding to do and sew.
I think I will start doing this technique with 
other quilts I sew.
I finished with the binding on the Thursday before 
the Wedding Shower. YAHOO ! ! ! !

But now could I get the Pillow Topper done in time.

I sewed the strips together earlier in the week.
I pinned everything up on Friday evening
and sewed together Saturday afternoon.
Finished up Sunday morning by 
11 am. 
Good thing the shower was at 1:30 pm.

The Saturday before the Wedding Shower,
I did use SK's bed one last 
The Pillow Topper was still a work in progress,
but done enough to audition the placement of the hearts.

As the Quilt and Pillow Topper, it looked FAB ! ! !
But there was still something missing.

I believe I will need to add some pillows to 
put on the bed as well.

I think this will be a small token of a
Wedding gift to give at her Wedding. 

At Guild last Tuesday Anna Marie
took this GREAT pics of the quilt.

Til next time ! ! ! !

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wedding Quilt Part 9

Well I best get busy with PK's quilt.
Her Wedding Shower is July 17th  ! !
YIKES ! ! ! That doesn't give me much time.

All the blocks are now quilted
and squared up.
The front of the blocks
will look like this:

The back of the blocks
will look like this:

Now it is time to start on the sashing.
Thanx to the GO! Cutter 2-1/2" Die,
cutting the 27 strips of the pink fabric
27 strips of the blue fabric didn't take
that much time at all.

Then to chain stitch the strips together.

And make one BIG LONG strip of fabric.

Tomorrow I will make one BIG LONG
strip of the blue fabric.
After I cut the excess fabric and
press the fabric in half, I will be ready to
sew the sashing to the blocks.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

More Table Toppers

Mom and I also did the same thing with
her Tumbler GO !  Die she bought.

I believe there is a little dent in
scrap pile ! ! !

Till Next time !

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Table Toppers ! !

Mom and I are trying are best to
use up ALL of her scraps of Fabric.

mom had just recently bought a GO ! ! !
and of course a few Dies.

Out of the Chisel Die we cut
lots of Chisel Fabric out of the scraps.

Then another day we designed and sewed
the chisels together.

I believe we made about 7 strips of Chisels.
Then we sewed 2 strips together to make
Table Topper (or whatever).

Mom was nice enough to do the quilting.


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Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Mug Rugs

RC came to help out with the bush removal,
but RJ had that job done in 20 minutes.
Since the bushes had grown there for about
15 years, I thought it was gonna take
awhile to remove them.

RC is a handyman and I do need a couple
of things done around the house.

I showed him the gate that goes under my deck
needed to have the lattice work removed and
then boards put up in its place.
And also my mailbox needed to more stable.

RC would not let me pay him sooooo . . .
he got a mug RC.

Since his wife was driving him
around that day, she also got a mug rug.

Till next time ! !

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mug Rugs . . .

As a thank you to RJ for removing my bushes
in front of my deck. Hoping to not to have
any more visiting snakes.
I made him a mug rug.

Till next week.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Behind on my posting to my blog.

So I will hopefully post a few quick
posts with pics to get caught up.

Back in February-ish
Mom and I made some
Flour Sack Tea Towels.

Mom and I split the
tea towels between us.

Here are a few pics . . . .

We got rid of quit a few
border strippy fabric pieces.

But still had enough to make a few
more flour sack tea rowels
when my sis came out to visit in March.

Till next week.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wedding Quilt Part 8

In between all the sewing and yard work
and just being LAZY . . . .
I did manage to buy some more fabric for
the backing of the quilt.
I have all 20 blocks layered and
ready to quilt.

Next will be the quilting ! ! ! !

Friday, April 8, 2011


This is what is
living in my Yews.

The Yews are right next to
my front deck in my
front yard.

Here is one snake.

If you look closely at the snakes in
the pic below, there are about 10 of them.

I believe it is the mama snake 
and her babies.
YIKES ! ! ! !

I DO NOT like snakes.

Wednesday can't get here 
soon enough.

A co-worker and my friends
husband will be coming over on
Wednesday to yank out or
cut down my 3 Yews.
Hopefully the snakes will
be going too.

Till next time ! ! !

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wedding Quilt Part 7

In March I kinda took a break
from sewing.

With ALL the shoveling of the snow.
The snow has gone ! YEAH ! ! !

And Big Sis came to visit.
We had a GREAT visit,
but as always her visit was 
too short.

I started back to sewing.

The blocks are finished.
20 total.

Now I will need to pick out the 
Pink Fabric for the sashing. 
I will also make 5 more Pink Fabric 
squares for the back. 

Then it will time to layer and 
quilt each of the squares separately.

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Till next time  ! !

Monday, March 21, 2011


Well I have been tracing my dad's side of the family since 1982.
It is a long time process to gather all the facts.
Tracing your family is ALWAYS an ongoing process.
Of course there is always updating to do !

When I first started nobody would want to talk about the
past and where they came from. I sent many many letters.
It seemed my grandma Lydia Lautt was the only one
I could get any information from and she was
the one everyone would talk to.

Since the computer came to life I have been able to really
gather information on my family.

I will be posting family tidbits every now and again.

Today I will post what I have found on my
4th Great Grandfather.
This is as far back as I could trace on my
dad's side of the family.

Baltasar LAUTT he was born in 1807 in Geocklingen, Elsass. 
He passed away January 23 1841 in Glueckstal Parish.

I found his wife Katherine BOSCHE and their children in the
"The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years
1763-1862" By Karl Stumpp.
They are listed as family number 222 on page 697.

" Kassel, gerg. 1808 (Colony of Kassel)

TIPPEL, Anton gest.(died) 1851 mit (age) 43,
seine (his) Sohne (son) Heinrich 12, Jakob 10, Adam 5,
seine (his) Steifsohne (stepson) 1. Friedrich LAUX 29,
dessen Frau (his wife) Barbara 41, dessen Sohne
(their son) Johann 1; 2.  Johann LAUX 27, dessen
Frau Christine 26, dessen Sohne Johann, 2;
3. Daniel LAUX 23, dessen Frau Christine 24,
dessen Sohne Georg,3, Gottleib, 1/2; 4. Gottlieb
LAUX 21, seine Steiftochter
(stepdaughter) Barbara LAUX 19.

Baltasar LAUTT had passed away and his wife
Katherine had remarreid to Anton TIPPEL.

Yep this MY family when they were still
over in Kassel, Russia. 
My line is the Daniel LAUX line. I hi-lited in red.

As you can see the Surname changed
when they emigrated to the United States

It was LAUX, now it LAUTT.

NEAT HUH ! ? !

Friday, March 11, 2011


Lets Eat ! ! ! !

My sister came in from CA for a visit ! !

Good thing the weather turned out
to be pretty nice for her visit.

She wanted to go eat at Lambert's Cafe ! !
Home of the Throwed Rolls ! !
Little did she realize that it was about  a
2-1/2 drive, and most of it was country
and cows ! ! !

When we got to Lambert's Cafe
she had ordered a Ceaser Salad ! ! !

 I sure hope she is HUNGRY ! ! !

Here she is comparing her hand size
to her bread bowl salad !

Dig in ! ! ! !

She also wanted to try a few veggies on the side  !
Greens, beets, cucumbers and onions and coleslaw.

I sure hope she has a big appetite ! !

I must have not been very hungry !
I had the Charboiled chicken, baked potato,
and corn ! ! !

We also had a couple of the :Throwed Rolls"
with Molasses, fried potatoes, black eyed peas,
okra, and Mac and Cheese with tomatoes. 

YUM ! ! YUM ! ! YUM ! !

Then after all this we did drum up
enough energy to take tour of the
Fantastic Caverns ! !  One of the many
caves here in Missouri ! !

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding Quilt Part 6

I just finished adding the HST's
to the 2 1/2" strips.

Now to add to the square.
Of course there will be some ripping
and re-sewing involved.

You can't make a quilt without
having to rip.

Below is block one (out of 20)
that I have finished.

My next Wedding Quilt post
will be when I have finished
the other 19 blocks.
Maybe in April sometime ! !
Hopefully sooner but . . . . .
But after the blocks are done the
rest of the quilt should go by quick and easy ! !
(Famous last words ! !)

See you then ! !

Thanx for stopping by ! ! !