Friday, August 13, 2010

My son's next venture ! ? !

Today was a sad day at our home.
My son decided to move to Michigan.
He is taking a Greyhound Bus there.
What a LOONG ride that will be.
Last night he packed his bags. 
He is only allowed one carry-on and one checked. 
The carry-on can not weigh over  25 pounds and
the checked bag can't weigh over 50 pounds.
Before our ride to the bus station we stopped
by my work to weigh his baggage. 

First is the checked bag.

Then the carry-on.
Now that the bags are weighed
(and below the allotted weight limit)
AND  .  .  .  .
We are off the the bus station.

We made it to the bus station
BUT    .   .   .   .  .
It doesn't open til 9 am. 
Sooooo  .    .    .   .   .
We are off to Country Kitchen for coffee and soda.
Ryan used to work at the Country Kitchen in Jefferson City.
When we got there, one of the owners, Mark, was there. 
So we had talked to Mark for awhile then
went inside to get our drinks.
We met Billie,one of the waitresses here. 
Billie was also in one of Country Kitchen Commercials.
Billie was in the Rib Dinner Commercial,
Ryan was in the Country Kitchen Commercial .

Bille and Ryan
The Country Kitchen Commercial Stars ! !
After our drinks it was off to the bus station.

When we got there, the parking lot was pretty
full of cars. A couple of the cars were
from the Dept of Corrections.
I thought that was kinda strange. 
 ( Oh by the way ---
they didn't even bother to
check the baggage weight on peoples
checked baggage),
Uhmmmmm ! ! ! !
After Ryan checked in, we sat down in the
snack room area they had and
started talking with some of the people there. 
Come to find out some of the people
were just released from prison. 
Good thing they were going to Kansas City
and Ryan was going towards St Louis.

Ryan is waiting for the bus.
And waiting  .    .    .    .
35 minutes past departure time : (

My first REAL bus ride ! ! ! !

Ticket --- Check ! ! !

Baggage --- Check ! ! !

Here I GO !

 I'm Off. 
Columbia - St. Louis -
Effingham - Indianapolis -
Cincinnati -
DETROIT ! ! ! !

Can you see me? 
Yep that shadow is me .
If you embiggin this pic you can see my shadow.

I am sitting on the passenger side right in
front of the back tire.
Hopefully this is a safe seat.

If you look closely. 
I am sitting at the window right above the Greyhounds tail.

GO ! ! ! !
GOing  ! ! ! !
GONE !   !   !  !

I wish him well.  He will be missed.
    : (       : (     : (     : (


  1. how he off to school? work?

  2. it's really hard to see your kids grow wings and send them off. but at least in this day and age there's the net, cell phones, and pictures in an instant. won't be quite as bad as when your mom had to send you off somewhere or your grandma sending your mom off. snail mail letters and probably infrequent phone calls was all they got. enjoy the cooler weather we're supposed to have this weekend.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. BIG step for him and you. Hange in there.


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