Saturday, July 23, 2011

I have been . . .

Busy the last few months.
I thought I had until at October to work on PK's quilt.
BUT .  .  .  .  .  .
PK's Wedding Shower was July 17th.

W.H.A.T  ! ? !

This doesn't give me much time  ! ! ! !
I believe this is waaay tooo early for
a Wedding Shower.
But if she was wanting her friends that
will be in school to come to her shower
well then . . . . . .
Who am I to say  . .
Why in July ! ? !

I just finished her quilt on July 15th.

When making this quilt, I decided to
make it king size.  In order to make sure
I had the right fit, I called PK's mom
and asked what size bed PK was sleeping in
and also what size bed did she, SK (the mom) have.

SK was thinking that that was a too much of a
personal question and why would I want to know that.
LOL ! ! !
SK said it was a king size, the same answer to both questions.
I had asked if I could use her bed.

Yes, this was a bit awkward to ask,
But what are friends for.

This was too funny.  SK, PK's mom, was
wondering why would I want to use her bed.

So I let SK know that I needed to use her bed to audition, 
and to size up PK's quilt.

Front/Top view

The top just fit the bed and it was
time to add another strip and then the borders.

Side view

Back View


Corner of bed view

Corner of bed view 

This worked out PERFECTLY ! ! ! !

Then another visit to SK's bed.

Not so awkward this time about using SK's bed.

OMG ! ! the quilt was looking good ! ! !

Perfect fit ! ! ! !

But it was missing something.  
I decided to make a Pillow Topper as well.

Now to add the binding.
(You can see the binding in the
pic above. . .the corner of bed pic with the heart)

I used a technique that mom had found 
on one of her blogs she follows.

I did not have time to hand sew the binding
and this sounded perfect.

This is an easy binding to do and sew.
I think I will start doing this technique with 
other quilts I sew.
I finished with the binding on the Thursday before 
the Wedding Shower. YAHOO ! ! ! !

But now could I get the Pillow Topper done in time.

I sewed the strips together earlier in the week.
I pinned everything up on Friday evening
and sewed together Saturday afternoon.
Finished up Sunday morning by 
11 am. 
Good thing the shower was at 1:30 pm.

The Saturday before the Wedding Shower,
I did use SK's bed one last 
The Pillow Topper was still a work in progress,
but done enough to audition the placement of the hearts.

As the Quilt and Pillow Topper, it looked FAB ! ! !
But there was still something missing.

I believe I will need to add some pillows to 
put on the bed as well.

I think this will be a small token of a
Wedding gift to give at her Wedding. 

At Guild last Tuesday Anna Marie
took this GREAT pics of the quilt.

Til next time ! ! ! !


  1. It is beautiful!!! What a lucky couple!!

  2. GREAT POST ! ! ! ! ! !
    Wonderful, wonderful gift for a couple just starting out.
    love you !

  3. A lot of work and love went into these items. PK and intended are fortunate indeed. They turned out great.

  4. Awesome Deb!
    When I was In Chattanooga last week I looked at a quilt shop. They wanted Over $600 for king size quilts and shams ...and they were boooring!!!

    Yours is beautiful.. it almost makes me want to do something like that... but I like sewing only with you and Mom! Not so fun by myself!

    Great talking to you yesterday!

    Love Your Sister,


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