Saturday, August 20, 2011

Now that . . .

Now that I am done with my major project ! ! PK's wedding quilt amd pillow topper,
I will be working on the little projects I have sitting around just waiting to be finished up.

A while ago on one of my many sew dates with my mom we had made a doll.

She is now finished.

I still have not named her yet.

I took her to work and sewed on
her little beret and a pink necklace.

After taking the pic I think I need to
darken up her eyes, nose, and mouth.
Will do that in abit.
A co-worker mention that she looked like a Voo-Doo doll.
I think she kinda looks like a Geisha Girl.

What do you think?
What type of a girl do you think she looks like?
What would you name her?

Thanx for stopping by ! !

Till next time ! !

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