Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another project . . .

Done . . . .
DUN    .   .  .  .
My mom had sent me a URL from a blog that she follows

Since I do have many old jeans just piling up and
waiting to be worked into a project, I thought I
would give it a try.

I had made a pruse out of the legs of jeans.
Using just one leg seemed too small for me.
SOOOOOO . . . .
I used two legs and joined them to make one big leg.

Anyway, It turned out pretty darn good.

Well looks like I didn't get a pic of this before I gave it away.



  1. Well, NUTZ
    Pics with your next Finished Project?

  2. Darn, wish you had a picture!!!! I'm sure it was cute as a button.


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