Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh My . . . .

How time flies by . . . . . I have been very busy with family work, work, and more work. That's my story and I am sticking to it. I had taken a much need break from blogging (even tho I don't blog very often) and also sewing. PC's quilt was enough for me for a while. I did make PC a baby quilt for her baby Remington due Aug 23rd-ish. Of course it is now wall art. LOL ! ! ! . By the time this post actually posts PC will probably have delivered Remi or is close to it. Will post pics at a later date. I need to get them off my phone and camera. The church kids from the 3MT organization came back this year to work on my house. And of course, they came a week later this and it was the hottest week of the year for this year. Different group of kids. They power washed my home, wood deck, and weeded my yard and alley way. Boy my home sure does look GREAT ! ! ! This year I made Hot Pads and Mugrugs and min-placemats/table toppers for the kids to chose from. They were soooo excited to chose a gift some even picked out 2 to take with them. Am going to be more prepared for next years visit and start filling up my gift box. I also did small sewing projects. I will also post those in a future post. I think maybe I will set aside time every once in awhile to blog. Have a GREAT DAY ! ! Thanx for stopping by ! !

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  1. What a giving heart!!!! Both you and the kids!!!


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