Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It has been . . .

A while since my last post. No excuses but . . . . I have been busy with company, then the Holidays, work, the girls (Precious & Girlfriend, my doggies), and running errands on my days off. The girls are having their Spa day today and will be picking them up shortly. While the doggies are not here this will be a good time to clean the living room/kitchen area (sweep/mop etc) and to do laundry. Later today I will try and post some pics of my new retaining wall. It is very cold out today. This morning it was 15*. It has warmed up to 22*. Still too darn cold for me. Where is Spring and Summer at? I hope they get here soon. LOL ! ! Stay warm ! ! !

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  1. Such a gorgeous sunny, perky day today, so unlike yesterday. Sounds, however, like at was a productive day for you.
    Hope the girls enjoyed their day for beautifying and maintenance . ;-)



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