Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Gardner's Touch

I have been working a quilt using Chenille. 
I thought it was gonna be quick and easy.
Boy was I wrong.  I had trouble with the Chenille.
The Chenille stretched and moved,
I did a lot of ripping and re-sewing.

I think because this Chenille gave me so much
trouble I did not even want to work on the quilt.

After alot of sewing, ripping, and sewing, I took
the quilt over my moms to see if she had any ideas.

We finally decided that I should sew each layer of
the Chenille separately.  I used water soluble thread
to sew on the first layer of Wine Chenille.
Then I used regular thread to sew on the Rose Chenille.

This worked out better, but . . . . .
the second layer of Chenille still moved and stretched.

I am still deciding if I need to quilt the flowers
before washing the quilt.

I follow a few blogs (even though I don't always leave a comment)
I did see a posting on Chenille at Millie's Blog  Millie's Quilting .
Millie had trouble too.  She decided to use a Press N Seal Technique.
The Press N Seal was used to hold down the Chenille while she sewed.
I think I will try using the Press N Seal the next time I sew with Chenille.
(If there is a next time)

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  1. Sorry you had so much trouble, but is going to be a beautiful quilt!!! Think I would quilt before washing!!


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