Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Orphan Blocks

Mom was wanting to get rid of some of her stash,
so we got together and had a couple of "SEW DAY " dates.

The first sew day we went through her stash and
found some "Orphan Blocks" and some fabric.
(I had some Halloween Orphan Blocks and
fabric at home that I had brought over.)

Since it was close to Halloween, we thought we
should work on the Halloween Orphan Blocks and fabric.

Here is what we came up with so far.

Wall hanging using the Less Than Traditional pattern;

Then we worked on a Halloween Garland;

and a Haunted House;

Then a single wall hanging/table topper/coaster.

We still have a wall hanging and 2 table toppers
to do for Halloween then it will off to see what
we can do with our Christmas stash.

We had so much fun doing these little projects.
Can't wait to see what we come up with next.

Am looking forward to our next "SEW DATE" ! ! ! ! !


  1. It sure was fun, wasn't it.
    I'm with you,
    can't wait to see what our next SEW DAY brings.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s

  2. How fun sewing with Mom. Two heads are better than one. You came up with some great projects.


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