Thursday, February 3, 2011

The day after . . . . .

Here are a few pics of the day after the blizzard !
Pic below is  . . .
View looking towards main street  !
Yes it was plowed !

Pic below is   . .
View of driveway, backyard, alley.

Pic below is  . .
View of back yard and neighbors yard. 

Below pic is  . . .
View of path from back yard to back door.

  O Where O Where can my car be ?

Here is a view looking up the street
towards Lincoln University.

Measuring the snow and snow drift
up against my house.

Measuring the snow at the curb.

Below is a pile of snow that
was in front of and by the
drivers door of my car.

Here is a pile of snow
that was from the back of my car
and passenger side of drivers side of car. 

Below is a view of the alley
You might be able to see
a BIG pile of snow towards the top of the pic. 
That is what I had shoveled off the driveway !

There is just WAY TOO MUCH SNOW  ! !

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