Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here in JC we are under a BLIZZARD WARNING.
Yes it is the first BLIZZARD WARNING ever recorded
in JC.
(According to our weatherman)
But the last time we had lots of snow was in 1995
and we had 18" of the white stuff.

I had already shoveled a path to the
grass (for my doggie) and the drive before
I started measuring.
I shoveled about 3-4" before the measuring.

The last measurement I took
measured about 10"

If you unable to see the
measurement just click on pic to
make bigger.

Here are some pics.

This is view from my back door looking up the alley.
This was taken in the morning.
Right past the downspout you
can see the railroad tie.

Below is the view from my front door
looking up the street.

My car in the morning before it was buried
with snow and plow drift.

Snow was blowing and coming down
very fast you could not see anything.
You might be able to see some
icicles hanging from the telephone wires.

My car a few hours later.
The snow is up to the bottom of
my back bumper and lic plate.

I already shoveled about 4"of snow off
of my deck.
Here I had measured 10".

My car alittle later and  covered with more snow.

Here is another pic of the alley from my back door.
As you can see you can't see the railroad tie anymore.

Another view from my back door
looking down the street to the main road.

There is way too much snow for me.

Hope everyone stays safe and warm.


  1. Too much snow for me too. Can't remember having one this bad for a long, long time. Makes for some good sewing days.

  2. Looks about the same over here. We had 18 inches on the deck but some drifts 3-4 feet. Was amazed that you used your "good" ruler; I'd be afraid it would freeze and break. Come on spring!!!


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