Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Amanda's Baby Shower

I finally got the label sewed on Amanda's Baby Quilt. 
But wait what is wrong with this label?
Then after sewing it on I noticed I had typed either the wrong season OR the wrong year.
I did finish the quilt at the end of the winter, but I probably should have put Winter 2009.
I didn't like it after the label was sewed on. SOOOOOOO I got the ole seam ripper out
and started "RIPPING".
Of course, I had to make a whole new label, ( I didn't save the old label on the computer).

Here's a pic of the cake.  As you can see the cake is not very big. 
The shower was at our work and there are not very many employees so
a big cake was not needed.  
But we had to hurry at eat the cake before it would melt. 

 It was an ice-cream cake.

Here are her many gifts.


Her is Amanda opening her gift from me.

Of course, had to take a pic of DM with her tail hanging.
When she put her jacket on the tail from her shirt hung out
the back and gave her a little tail. 

Amanda had many cute little gifts. 

We all had a good time.

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  1. Guess you'll save a copy of each label 'til you take a really good look, huh ? :^)

    I know Amanda and her baby will love your quilt.
    Hugs & ♥♥♥s


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