Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still Lucky ! ! !

Went to the local quilt show with my mom.  Had a great time. 
Mom bought some raffle tickets for the silent auction.  There was lots of baskets to chose from.  There was a Bernina, Quilter's Organizer Basket, BBQ basket, a couple of baby baskets, and BIG chair, and a few others, I don't recall them all.  We decided to stroll thru the vendors and look at the quilts before deciding which can to drop our tickets in.  Mom bought 24 tickets, 12 a piece.

There were many vendors and lots of cute things to browse and look at. 
Of course we had to buy a few things.  Bought two patterns.

One was "Less Than Traditional" basic Technique Pattern.  Looks pretty fun to try. 

The second pattern was a little dress block pattern. 
There was a little wall hanging of this and was very, very cute, just couldn't pass this up. 

We also bought a fabric postcard, made by  S. Loftin.  Very , Very cute.

After strolling around and visiting the vendors, it was off to see the quilt displays. 
There were many, many BEAUTIFUL quilts and wall hangings. 
Was very hard to pick out the "Best of Show".  Wonder who won?
On the way out the door, we took a look at ALL the great baskets again trying to chose which can to drop our lucky tickets. 
I was torn between the Baby Basket and the Quilter's Organizer Basket.
Since I usually never win at these things, I knew I wasn't gonna win the Baby Basket,  sooooo . . . .
I dropped ALL twelve in the Quilter's Organizer Basket can, right after my mom dropped ALL of hers in the same can. 
We figured one of has got to win with 24 tickets in the can.  The can was about 1/4 full when we drop our tickets in, and there was still 1 1/2 more days left to fill the can.

About 8:30 pm Sunday night, I got the call.  OMGoodness I WON.  I couldn't believe it, I WON ! ! !  I WON ! ! !  I WON ! ! ! I was sooooo excited. I picked up MY basket that night.  Of course, I had to call my mom and let her know that
 I WON ! ! ! ! and she came with me to pick up MY basket.

Below are pics of what was in the basket.  Oh My, still can't believe it. 

This was the description of the basket. 
My winning ticket is right after the WOW!


Sides and top view of the basket.

The goodies inside the basket.
7 FQ's

Quilters FabriCalc (something new to learn!)
Best Press

Quilters Bible, Quilters Reference Book, Clever Quarters, Too
Pins (flat head, directional, glasshead),  decorative scissors,
thread, Teflon pressing sheet, batting.

3 rulers and a mat

AND . . . .  Lets not for get the CHOCOLATE ! !

How Lucky can I be ? ? ? ?
What a GREAT Basket.   Hopefully my luck doesn't run out.

Appreciate you stopping by and visiting my blog.   Have FUN blogging, I sure am ! ! !  


  1. Boy, I sure hope you save some of that CHOCOLATE for me ! ! ! !

  2. wow...I love my fabric calculator. I have friends who will call and ask me to figure backings and bindings for them...

  3. WTG, isn't it exciting when you win something? Makes you feel special. Congratulations. Have fun using all your goodies

  4. Hi Deb! Wow, that is a seriously cool gift basket. Congratulations on your win... have fun with all your new goodies!



    BTW, I'm going to be posting my June give away next week, so be sure to pop on by my blog and enter...maybe your luck is still golden!

  5. Congratulations on your winnings. I too got lucky. I won the cute sewing chair and LOVE it. Enjoy all your winnings.

  6. Good for you. Can't think of anyone who is more deserving. Your Mom was so excited for you when she was telling me what you won. Was amazed at all the great stuff in that tote (and what a great tote too). Congratulations!!! Dianna

  7. What a great gift to win! Congrats


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