Friday, June 4, 2010

What a Small World ! !

I was working on my son's Boy Scout T-Shirt quilt over this past winter. I went to JoAnn Fabrics to look for some backing.  JoAnn's was all out of the Boy Scout fabric, because a lady came in the day before and bought up ALL the Scouting fabric in the store, plus cleaned out the JoAnn Fabric's stores close by (because of the 100 year Anniversary of Scouting)  In February, I started looking for fabric on line and found some GREAT Boy Scout fabric at --- ALDERWOOD QUILTS ---- I ordered some Vintage Robert Kaufman Boy Scout fabric.  (This was the first time I had ordered anything on line.) When I got home from work there was a message from Sue on my voicemail.  She had a question about my order. Apparently I marked the wrong shipping info.  Sue was very helpful, nice and explained nicely what I did wrong.  I was very, very pleased with her service.  It seemed like no sooner than I hung up the phone there was a package in my mailbox.  This is the first time I bought fabric without actually seeing it.  When I opened the package and seen the fabric, I was very pleased, plus Sue also threw in a free fat quarter, loved that, too. 

This is the beautiful Vintage Robert Kaufman Fabric that I bought at ALDERWOOD QUILTS

Below is my son's Boy Scout T-Shirt quilt.

Here is a little bit closer view of the front.
I tied the method to quilt.  I figured this was the best way to quilt it without sewing over the logos on the t-shirts.

 This is the back view.       

A few weeks or so later, my mom was telling me about a blog that she had come across and how she had entered a Give-A-Away, and that I should start blogging.  I asked what blog she had come across.  You would never guess . . . .  It was  ALDERWOOD QUILT's blog AND she was the winner of April's Give-A-Away.  Who would have thought that we both had come across Sue's store website AND  her blog.

Mom helped me to start my own blog and entered I few Give-A-Aways.  The first blog  and Give-A-Away I had signed up for was  ALDERWOOD QUILT's .  I never thought anything else about it, because I never ever win at these things.  Boy was I very, very surprised win I got the e-mail from Sue.  YOU ARE A WINNER ! ! ! - - - YAHOO ! ! I WON ! ! ! I WON ! ! ! First thing was to call my mom to let her know . . .  I WON ! ! !  Can't wait to check the mailbox for my beautiful surprise! ! ! 

What a Small World ! ! ! First buying the great fabric, then mom winning April's Give-A-Away, and me winning May's Give-A-Away. It seems like we never win at anything!  And yet we are the winners of ALDERWOOD QUILT'S April and May's Give-A-Aways ! ! ! ! !

I don't think Sue was playing favorites when she drew my name.  But am very very excited and thrilled that I am the April winner.

Sue thanx for the post you wrote on your blog about my blog.  It was beautiful. 

I would like to thank you ALL for visiting my blog, leaving comments, and/or signing up to follow.

Again, thanx for stopping by.



  1. A little belated, but congratulations on your wins from Alderwood's exciting when you win something hey? Hugs Naomi

  2. WOW! I had no idea that I had mother/daughter readers/customers. Nope- no favorites! I use a random number generator. Sometimes, when I'm lazy, I'll ask my husband to pick a number from 1 to 235 (or whatever) and that's the pick. It's totally random, however I do it. Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm so glad you were pleased with your fabric. BTW- I carry (and will continue to reorder) ALL of the Boy Scout AND Girl Scout fabric made by Robert Kaufman.... and there's a LOT of it! They have more BS and GS fabric coming out in August and I already have it on order.

    Great job on the t-shirt quilt!!!


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